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A special evanghelical project for supporting little churches.

A group of youths pulls out in a village or in a small city type. They conduct special services there during one week. They help the poor, invalids and lonely people within a day. Somewhere new stoves are built, new fences are changed, clean, whitewash and paint, and of course say Gospel. This is as a breath of fresh air among dirty and fuss of world around for a numerous people.

A lot of people got new hope, and somebode need only food. In the evenings, every inhabitant is invited to a special service, where they can hear Gospel about salvation in Jesus Christ for the first time. People repent and accept God as their personal Savior; their faces are changed – instead of anger, envy and sadness come happeness, love and peace.

From the very beggining, a group of youth from our church went to the village New Albinets. They worked on a God’s field with their hands from early morning till late in the evening, and after that they told about God’s love. People were very wary from the beginning, because they received a grant aid from unknown people. But after some days, they were ready to hear God’s love about Savior. As a result of this work in this village is increase of local church, friendship between neighbors and smiles on faces.  This was happened because of God’s love, grace and mercy, which He shows to us regardless of age, hair color or skin and nationality.

Church New Life conducts evangelical daily camps for children in two parks of our town during last three years in the draft of the project “Conduct, Strategies and Resources”. A group goes out in the first park till dinner. 
They install an inflatable house for children, trampolines and prepare a place for holding bible lesson and other outdoor games. Loudly switched music collec from 100 till 200 of children and about 30 of adults, who can spend good time and learn new Christian songs every day and what is very important to hear Gospel about Savior. The same happens in another par after dinner, where came more than 200 children. This is a very big privilege for us to say about birth, life and death of Jesus Christ. A big part of children and adults begun to come to church and circles. It is a big happiness for us to see work of Holy Spirit in hearts. Pray for this group of volunteers, which leave their wor every year and dedicated themselves for this work. And also, pray for these people who hears about  Jesus, that God would save those who are being saved to the church.

It was a real holiday!!!

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Smiles on faces of adults and children... The pleasant atmosphere of love...
And, of course, presents! Children have prepared them for their dear parents during their circles.

The "yesterday's children" of our children's center participated in the program. Nowadays, they are adults and independent people who love God, who have created their own beautiful families. They shared their testimonies about the turning points of life and what helped them make the correct choice in favor of God.

Pastor drew the listeners' attention to the fact that the author of the family is God in his preaching. The Bible says that "God created man right, but people started many thoughts." The biggest problem of today’s families is selfishness. If we want to see our families happy, we must fight this evil by subordinating our lives to Jesus Christ.

We believe that this time was a great blessing to strengthen relations in their Family for a big part of participants. We thank the Lord for this wonderful time ... for His Word for the guests ... for children ... For love and hope with which He warms our hearts.

Be blessed!!!

Family day. Day of love and fidelity

Family day. Day of love and fidelity

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“Honor thy father and thy mother, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee, that thy days may be long, and that it may be well with thee ... “ (Deut.5: 16)

In our children's Christian center have begun preparations for the holiday dedicated to the Day of the Family, which will take place on March, 11
At each circle, the family is spoken from the Bible point of view.

The children were told the story about the first family on Earth, Adam and Eve, who became the first parents. God had blessed this family. They had many children. It is not surprising! Adam lived for 930 years. Every member of the family has a specific task set by God. Parents take care of their children. The children, in turn, listen to their parents.

The Lord tells the children "Be obedient to your father and mother." There is a special God’s blessing in fulfillment of this commandment. God promises: "You will be well". The family is God's plan so, if we want to be in the blessing of the Lord, we must allow Him to become the main member of our family.
God bless you!!!


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On 21.02.2018 was organized a seminar in the church "New Life", which was developed by pastor .

Such topics as vocation and service were united under one title “Called for serving children”. This seminar was carried out with the main goal, which is the following: To raise a level and quantity of work with children, which is the main aspect for Children Christian Center “Book of Life”.

The problems, which the present generation is faced, were taken into consideration.

Some questions were picked up about organization of Biblical studies for children, about organization of seminars for parents, also about carrying out the Sunday’s services for children, which take place every Sunday on 12:30. Our desire and effort is to bring the children to a covenant with God, that their future will be wonderful!

Тот, Который Сына Своего не пощадил, но предал Его за всех нас, как с Ним не дарует нам и всего?

Romans 8:32