It was a real holiday!!!

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Smiles on faces of adults and children... The pleasant atmosphere of love...
And, of course, presents! Children have prepared them for their dear parents during their circles.

The "yesterday's children" of our children's center participated in the program. Nowadays, they are adults and independent people who love God, who have created their own beautiful families. They shared their testimonies about the turning points of life and what helped them make the correct choice in favor of God.

Pastor drew the listeners' attention to the fact that the author of the family is God in his preaching. The Bible says that "God created man right, but people started many thoughts." The biggest problem of today’s families is selfishness. If we want to see our families happy, we must fight this evil by subordinating our lives to Jesus Christ.

We believe that this time was a great blessing to strengthen relations in their Family for a big part of participants. We thank the Lord for this wonderful time ... for His Word for the guests ... for children ... For love and hope with which He warms our hearts.

Be blessed!!!

Family day. Day of love and fidelity

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Ибо един Бог, един и посредник между Богом и человеками, человек Христос Иисус, предавший Себя для искупления всех. Таково было в свое времясвидетельство,

1 Timothy 2:5-6