Летняя площадка 2018

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Самая интересная неделя этого лета уже близко!!! 

Батуты, надувной домик, игры, мороженное, сладкая вата и конечно интересные истории из Библии ожидают каждого пришедшего ребенка!!!!!!

Daily camp for children in the parks of our town

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Daily camp

    Christian Children Center organized and conducted two-week daily camps in the parks of our towns in June and in August 2016.  A group of brothers and sisters of our church moved with trampolines, inflatable house and with an exciting program for children.

The biblical story was the center of all program, which children listened with great interest. 

  There were organized the common games on the Biblical topic. They also could get cotton candy during the breaks.

Children made long queues for jumping on trampolines and for getting the cotton candy.


We thank our God for this amazing possibility to disseminate the God’s Kingdom because about 500 children and 30 adults people visited our daily camp while one week


City Park

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The New Life Church had a blessing to conduct evangelization for children in two different parks of our town Beltsy from 22 until 26 June and from 10 until 14 August 2015.  A number of brothers and sisters responded to the call to serve. A special program of biblical lessons was developed and shared, and they were corresponded to each other on the topic. At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, children attending circles in the children's center Book of Life were they invited to these activities for themselves and their friends. Up to 160 children attended each park from different parts of our town.

They could have fun, jump on trampolines, in an inflatable house, tug a rope, play with a color parachute, go to volleyball to race in the relay races, and participate in general games within two hours. Every day the kids standing in line for candy floss and ice cream. They gathered and sang songs, watched interesting scenes and listened to the good news about Jesus Christ at the end of the day. Many children could jump for the first time on a trampoline or in an inflatable house in their life, and the organized games brought a lot of joy and pleasure.

Some came from the early morning and eagerly awaited when they can plunge into the world of children's adventures looking for treasures and swimming on imaginary ships. They listened to biblical stories about the Christian life, solved crossword puzzles and participated in quizzes with big interest


Дети мои! сие пишу вам, чтобы вы не согрешали; а если бы кто согрешил, то мы имеем ходатая пред Отцем, Иисуса Христа, праведника;

1 John 2:1