Catranic June 10 2018

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Children were waiting for our group long before the beginning of the program. Their happy faces will remain in our memories for a long time. A bounce house, trampoline, cotton candy allow surviving the feelings of happy moments.

However, the most important thing, which can make them happy, is finding God's truth!

Children have heard about God's love, which they can trust in God.

The real adventures were waiting for us in the forest. Children met with some new biblical figures.

Every one of them told his story of full hope in God, His promises, and His Word.

We are thankful to God; He gave us this blessed time!

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From 3 till 7 August 2015, Church New Life Church had a great privilege to conduct evanghelization for children in the village of Katranik, Falesti district. Preparations for this event began long before the scheduled date. A special program of biblical lessons and general games was developed which was ideologically linked. About 120 children from all over the village came to spend an interesting time. They could jump on trampolines, in an inflatable house, pull a rope, play with a color parachute, run race in relay races and participate in general games and they could do it about for two hours. They got a big cotton candy and ice cream every day. And after, they quietly sat down on the land and sang songs together, sew scenes and listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many children do not have the opportunity to go to the city on the carousel, so the organized games in their village brought a lot of joy and pleasure to them. They came long before the team arrived and waited impatiently the time when everything is finally decomposed and they can have a good rest. With the great interest, they listened the biblical stories about a new birth, about proper spiritual nourishment, about the need to communicate with God and about the Christian life.

We pray and believe that the seed sown in children's hearts will bear great fruits for the Kingdom of Heaven.  


Боязнь пред людьми ставит сеть; а надеющийся на Господа будет безопасен.

Proverbs 29:25