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Give your hands to serve and the heart to love

Jesus always paid great attention to a prayer for the patients in His ministry to people. He enjoined to us to do the same thing. The Lord said that the one who showed concern for the sick person, by that expressing God's love for him: "I ... was sick, and you looked after me" ... (Matthew 25:36) Today, so many people need love and attention. Especially, it concerns those who go through physical malaise and need to be in the hospital. Many patients feel spiritual devastated and glom together with bodily pain. People, who are in sickness, especially need the counseling and preaching of God's Word.

A service in the hospital has been successfully functioned ate in our church for many years. It continues to grow and develop now... This service includes the prayer for sick people and practical service to them. The main goal of sisters and brothers in this service is to show love and care toward needy, to acquaint them with Jesus and give hope. God touches to the hearts of people and they become open to accepting the truth. It is worth to serve our Almighty God for these amazing things. During the time that there is a ministry, hundreds of people have a chance to hear about Jesus Christ.

The Lord calls everybody who loves Him, to visit Him in the hospital and to provide Him with all possible help 


Table showbread

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A service of the table showbread gives a lot of blessings for sick and lonely people. Every Sunday, members of church can bring something tasty such as home-made baking, fresh and canned fruits or put some money in a money-box. People bring yogurts, canned meat, dairy produce, bakeries. They also buy sausage and cheese. A group of teens can also buy in addition something and after that they go to a hospital to visit people who are seriously ill, lonely and hopeless people. As usually, nobody comes to visit them.

Group of teens entertain them and tell about Jesus, Who will never leave them, even when they are ill and lost the hope. The ill people often are opened and also tell about their problems, which weigh upon them as a heavy load. These types of discussions finished with sincere prayer about wounded souls (in the palace of hospital). Some of them are visited at their homes by our teens.

потому что наша брань не против крови и плоти, но против начальств, против властей, против мироправителей тьмы века сего, против духов злобы поднебесной. Для сего приимите всеоружие Божие, дабы вы моглипротивостать в день злый и, все преодолев, устоять.

Ephesians 6:12-13